Power Up GF ( Gluten Free)




Gluten Free  Base –  A raw non- toasted base with ORGANIC puffed amaranth, wheat bran, LSA (ground linseeds/ flax seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds) with added sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and hint of coconut thread and goji berries. The mix is oat free, non toasted with no additional oils,  no added sugar and very light on fruit. The mix is suitable to be served with fresh fruit, honey and yogurt. Power of seeds, almonds, and ground nuts and seeds. We have two varieties – this one with Gluten Free Cornflakes instead of wheat bran.

Pre- mixes available – Power Up and Power Up GF

Per 30gServe Per50g Per100g
Energy (Kj) 663 kj 1105 kj 2210 kj
Protein 5.60g 9.33g 18.67g
Fat, total 12g 20g 40g
– saturated 2g 3.33g 6.67g
Carbohydrates 5.70g 9.50g 19g
Sugars 1.50g 2.50g 5g
Fiber 3.50g 5.83g 11.67g
Sodium 28mg 46.67mg 93.33mg


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