Bircher – RAW (Non-Toasted)


A raw based made up of all things superfood and super yummy.


Our own non-toasted mix with five grains. Good for soaking overnight or even for 10-20 minutes before eating. Mix of rolled oats, whole grain oats, buckwheat, barley flakes, and wheat bran topped with chia seeds and flax seeds. Chia seeds are super in energy and flax seeds offer excellent source of fiber. The mix has no added sugars, oils and is non toasted with all great values of oats. NOTE – we don’t add any sodium and if you prefer lower sodium just request without wheat bran.

Premix available with this as a base – Healthy Fruity

Per 30g
Energy (Kj) 460 kj 766.67 kj 1530kj
Protein 3.90g 6.50g 13.00g
Fat, total 2.90g 4.83g 9.8g
– saturated 0.40g 0.67g 1.3g
Carbohydrates 15.20g 25.33g 50.5g
Sugars 0.70g 1.17g 2.3g
Fibre 3.20g 5.33g 10.67g
Sodium 30mg 50mg 101mg



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