Have fun and mix and enjoy what you like in just 3 easy steps.

1. Choose a base

Choose from any base - you can chose from a variety of bases. Simple raw non toasted rolled oats or whole grain oats or our other mixed bases. You have many choices - Toasted or Non Toasted, Vegan or Gluten Free, Paleo or Keto. Just have fun and be creative.

2. Add your favourite ingredients (Dry Fruits / Nuts / Seeds or Extras)

Then add any ingredient from our selection of dried fruits, nuts and seeds and/or little extras. You can double up on any particular item you like by adding it twice or more if you like.

3. Have your order delivered to your door

Personalize your order with a name or message and we'll package and ship it the same day if possible.

4. Enjoy breakfast for less than $1.00 a day

Wake up and look forward to your personalized Muesli / Granola / Paleo  or Keto mixes created by your owl self as per your tastes and requirements. Enjoy these at any meal for less than $1 per day.

Be Creative!

Enjoy creating your own mix.
Are you ready to take control and enjoy what you like at no extra cost.
Our promise if you’re not happy with your mix we’ll replace it for free.

Healthy choices start here

If you’ve created something special or like something about our products please do share your feedback to inspire us and other customers with your valuable feedback.

Share your creative gift with love

Share your creativity and love and design a special mix for someone special. You can send it as a gift or send them a voucher so they can design their own. Both ways you’re done the first step towards a healthier beautiful beginning.

Pre Mixes – we’ve done the work

You can order beautiful mixes created by our team and loved by people around New Zealand for more than 7 years.

We’re only a text or email message away. Please contact us for anything we can help with to make your experience a special one.

Connect with our team!



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